Available Titles

A Scarf of Promise

Teen marries her sweetheart. He dies in an on-the-job accident. She raises their baby, studies to be a nurse and knits a scarf. Coming upon an accident, she helps victims and meets a man who is also assisting. They fall in love and marry, joining two families together on his ranch. Besides nursing she serves as the coroner in her county. The scarf she knit is sent to a military person based in Afghanistan. After her husband's brother dies in the conflict, the scarf returns home. Her husband comes to realize that the scarf his brother wore was knit by her. (Colorado)

Castle in the Air & Making Our Way (Sequel)

Two young teens who are friends dream of having boyfriends. They find their special guys. Pregnancy takes one teen to another location where she studies to be an X-Ray technician and becomes a single parent. The other teen attends college to study agriculture. In the sequel, the friends, now adults, renew their friendship. One friend meets a love from the past. The other friend loses her police officer husband in a domestic incident. Each woman finds her prince. (Kansas)

Kara's Love

College student's parents die together in an accident. The debt on the family ranch requires her to sell it. The teen quits school, with only her student teaching semester left. She's broke and becomes a nanny to four children whose mom and baby died in childbirth. Their dad is a medical doctor with a resolved alcohol condition. She loves the children and their dad and they love her. After a time she leaves the family, completing her student teaching and begins teaching. The doctor pursues his dream of a medical position at a university working with the athletes. He searches and finds that position. He and his former nanny love each other and marry. She continues working with young people as well as becoming a mother. Her detective work helps reveal the identity of her biological father. (Colorado)

Up to Me

A teen's single mom, a policeman, dies in a shootout. The teen's two friends (one Black) love her, offer her support, and help her go forward. Her aunt moves in, disrupting the teen, forcing her to accept that she is too young to live by herself. Emancipation offers her the chance to complete her education on her own. Her Black friend and family offer her a home with them when she returns from college breaks to become a doctor. (Georgia)

The Jenny/Ann Trilogy

Christmas Bright

A 19-year-old very young college student graduates and teaches. She meets a widower with a young daughter. They marry and have a son. The husband dies in a suspicious skiing accident. The single mother meets a military officer and falls in love. They marry and move to Hawaii. They have sons. Years pass. The mom's stepdaughter prepares for a teaching career but disappears. Her family never gives up hope in finding their loved one. (Colorado)

Baskets on Christmas Lane

The daughter from "Christmas Bright" loses her family, friends, and her old life because as a college student she witnesses a murder. She identifies and knows the killer and his brother. Jenny, now Ann, is immediately placed in the Federal Witness Protection Program with a new identity and replacement parents. She finishes school and becomes a music and choral teacher working with Black students. She continues to grieve over her losses, but a neighbor (Black) helps her to cope. She meets a young lawyer. They fall in love and marry. She can never reveal to anyone who she really is. (Georgia)  

Together Now

14-year-old and her four friends (Black, Hispanic) love music and drama and write a play. They sing and dance in their play performance. Community theater offers them a chance to expand their abilities. One friend moves away. The four remaining become like couples, with alcohol and sexual temptation carrying them along. Years pass as the students attend college. Two of the teens lose parents. In going through her mom's (Ann's) possessions after her death, the teen discovers through a secret diary that her mom spent the past decades in the Federal Witness Protection Program. The daughter faces the dilemma of how she will handle that information because her dad is still alive. (Georgia)

A Voice for Gabby

15-year-old suffers a brain injury in a van accident that kills the rest of her spirit team members. She cannot speak and has no memory. Through rehab she relearns how to read and write and must review everything through eighth grade. Her professor's dad assists her. A fellow teen gains her friendship and becomes supportive of her as she regains her speech slowly. She retakes ninth grade and begins to catch up with her classmates. A new spirit team forms and she becomes a member. When her guy friend suffers an injury, she helps him with his rehab. She and her guy friend care very much for each other. During a sports assembly, she dances with her spirit team. At that moment she realizes what a miracle of life she is. (Georgia)

Love Ties

Over a hundred years love intertwines four young women. Caring for their land and loving their men thread through their hopes the teens have for their families and their futures. A young couple meet, fall in love, and join their land parcels together on the northeastern plains. The woman imparts her love of this thriving land to her granddaughter. The granddaughter settles on land in another county after she marries. They adopt a child who carries this love of the land and family on. That child locates her biological parents, works in the construction field and falls in love while building a school. Four women care deeply for the land they live, work and build on. And they love their husbands. (Colorado)

Roses for Meredith & A Loving Presence (Sequel)

Roses for Meredith

16-year-old college freshman, an Air Force ROTC cadet, has two guys who love her. When her mom moves out of the family home, her dad asks her to return to the farm to help. She quits school, planning to return soon. She runs the home, caring for her dad and a Down Syndrome brother. She helps out at a flower shop. The man who loves her from the past reappears. He commits suicide, unable to reconcile his love for her after he marries someone else. The man's brother comes into her life while she still is at home. A cadet (Hispanic) from school spends time with her after she returns to college. The two men now in her life meet at a Thanksgiving meal. The cadet realizes he's not the only one who loves her. He dies in a crash of the plane he pilots. The teen's anguish continues until the other man comes to comfort her. She begins to have hope for her career in chemistry with the Air Force. (Iowa)

A Loving Presence

In A Loving Presence, the sequel to Roses for Meredith, the career Air Force officer and the man who comforted her (in the previous novel) meet each other after twenty years. She and the man communicated only by Christmas cards over those years. She returns to the community where she grew up to work with students in high school chemistry. The man who communicated with her farm's corn and is a state representative for his district. In this adult love story, they fall in love and join their lives together. An error in judgment causes the woman to almost abort their baby. The couple reconciles. They move on and she helps him advance as a representative to the U.S. House of Representatives. (Iowa)

Old Crooked Road

16-year-old attends school and helps at home after her mother walks out. She and her dad play guitar and sing. She works as a nurse's aide at the local hospital. Her desire is to be in the medical field. She and another teen date. She gets pregnant, they marry and she loses the baby. Now divorced she pursues her nursing career, including receiving her Nurse Practitioner license. In California, she works for a non-profit clinic and sees the progression of AIDS in younger men. An opportunity to take over a clinic brings her to Georgia. There she saves lives, including one man's with a life-threatening leg injury. When he recovers, they date, fall in love and marry. She keeps her dream alive, to care for the sick. (Georgia) 

Just Let It Go

14-year-old Hispanic sophomore copes with her new school and new city. Her grandma becomes her legal guardian after her mom goes to prison on drug charges. The teen is the equipment manager for the school's football team. A boy who notices her at mass introduces himself to her and her grandma. They become good friends who share a love of football and aeronautics. One morning as she and her grandma walk away from their church they get shot, and survive. She develops friendships with two other teens (one Sunni Muslim from Iran) as they run cross-country together. The teen dates one teen's brother (Sunni Muslim from Iran). She goes to Space Camp, her dream of aeronautics coming closer. She and her now very good friend from earlier decide on schools they want to attend. He helps her see how far she's come since she came to live in Georgia. 

Tend My Flowers

15-year-old leaves high school to work in her mom's flower shop. Her mom dies in a car accident, and the family consents to donate her organs. She takes over the flower shop with her uncle and an assistant's (Hispanic) help. Her uncle is a wounded warrior still in rehab. While out on a flower delivery, she witnesses an accident. She again sees an EMT she first met when he came to her shop to order Christmas flowers for his mom. She attends classes at night and gets her GED, and preps for taking the SAT and ACT. She dates the EMT. She sells the flower shop and attends college to pursue her nursing degree. She learns that a student she dates received her mother's kidney. Through those years her relationship with the EMT grows. They want to marry, once she's earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. He is now a paramedic. A Flight for Life with him on board crashes. Their destinies change. (Iowa)

Sky Tossed

15-year-old copes with the death of her mom. She works hard at her studies. She takes a community college welding class and has a job for the summer. Another teen becomes her friend. He encourages her to pursue her dream of college and a nursing career. He goes away to college and commits suicide. She moves on with her life, getting a military scholarship to help her with her finances. She wants military officership as well as becoming a nurse. Two different men love her. One man she loves decides to be a Peace Corp volunteer. The other man is assigned to pilot training. She reports soon to her nursing assignment at an Air Force Base after her graduation and commissioning She goes home to a surprise, a note and decisions to be made. (Iowa)

Humble Task

16-year-old leaves her toxic family situation. Her boyfriend and grandpa encourage her to pursue her dream of being a nurse. She becomes a nanny to a family in Montana. The professor's parents want her to succeed. She gets her GED, attends college, and studies nursing. After graduation, she works as a nurse in a community hospital where she meets a veterinarian who's been kicked by a horse. They have a loving, conflicted relationship. They share a goal of health care for people and animals. (Montana)

What's Beneath

On nearby ranches a young man loves the 14-year-old girl next door. She dreams of becoming a geologist. For a time disappointment and evil lurk around her and the land on which she and her family live. Two other young men help give her the courage to find her way forward. She graduates and begins her college dream. (Colorado)

Shadow to Sunshine

After her mom dies, a teen lives with her veterinarian grandma while her green-beret dad deploys. She accepts her new high school, helps in her grandma's animal clinic, and takes dance classes with friends (one Black). She meets the brother of one of the girls. One of her dancer friends has recurring leukemia and dies. The brother helps the teen resolve an old mystery involving an athletic banner. The girl is interested in microbiology and studies at the University of Wisconsin. When she graduates she gets swept up in the pursuit of finding a cure for AIDS. And she finds love. (Georgia)

Carry Me On

A teen transforms her attitude, work ethic and appearance with the help of her new friend (Black). She gains strength by working on a hiking trail and gains new friendships. Her friend moves away, is raped, becomes pregnant, and gives the baby up for adoption. The first teen loves her friend who's gone and honors her by studying hard in school and helping out at a cafe after her mom is injured on the job. She spends time with a boy she met working the hiking trail. She gains confidence as he goes away to school. In her senior year, a fellow teammate on the school's cross-country team dies and three others are injured in a car accident. Her strong friendships support her as she goes away to college. She finds love. (Georgia)

Future Bright Light

A teen (half Eskimo/Inuit) discovers a special pin in her deceased dad's jewelry box. Through revelations regarding the pin, she discovers a new family member. She fulfills herself through her music, dance, and theater. Her old pal and a talented boy share her musical delight. She loves them both. Diligent studying ensures her entrance into the university she desires. As a new music teacher, she prepares instruments and music to bring back band, orchestra, chorus, and a cappella to a school system that lost the programs due to a lack of finances a few years ago. She makes a decision about the man she loves. (Georgia)

Compass North

A teen witnesses a fatal accident. The victim is her boyfriend, just days after his return from an IRA conflict in Northern Ireland. "I must save those I can; I must save those I can", her mind repeats over and over. Those words remain with her, continuing to propel this teen into the future. She fulfills her desire to become a nurse. She moves to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and works for two years in a hospital there. Returning home she rediscovers the love she had in the past for a veterinarian. The vet and the nurse marry, joining their future hopes of aiding ill folks and sick animals. (Iowa)

Running Shadow

A teen (half Siksika Indian-Canada) suffers the loss of her parents in a plane accident. With encouragement from her Black friend and mother, and her aunt she accepts the challenges of her new home and school. A young man spends time with her through high school and college. She donates a kidney to her ill aunt. After her internship and final college semester, she accepts an engineering position in Canada. While at home she attends a dance and feels a touch on her shoulder. (Georgia)

I'm Mortuary Girl

A teen speaks out, "Gran tells me to never back down from who I am and what I want to do. I've pretty much made up my mind. I want to go to mortuary school. I want to become a mortician." Her dad shouts back, "That's the most morbid, unbelievably cracked brain idea I've ever heard of." The teen pursues her dream of being with the man she loves and fulfills her desire to become a mortician. (Iowa)

Back To Now

While unconscious from a blow to her head in 2006 a 16-year-old's mind travels back to 1946. She takes over the body of a 19-year-old who suffers from amnesia. The teen copes with the older girl's life, caring for a child, husband, and another family. The younger teen shares with her mom about who she is in her mind. The family band together to understand what's happened to the older teen and pray that she will recover her memory. The younger teen wakes after 56 hours. She has a vivid memory of the older teen in 1946. She shares that memory with her friends (Hispanic and Vietnamese) and family. Determination propels her to search for the older teen. Every sense tells her the older teen still lives. She finds the older teen (now in her late 70's). They meet and become friends. Wonder awaits the younger teen on her first day at her university. (Iowa)

To The Beet

Tess finishes a summer fling with an older guy. She enjoys the power she has over him. She turns 16, regretting many of her previous life actions. School saves her. With her AP credits and good grades she graduates from high school at Christmas during her junior year. She enrolls in community college. Pregnancy fuels her desire to finish college. Her family offers their support. Her granddad asks for her help to locate her own dad’s biological father. She meets Craig, and they fall in love. She graduates while raising her daughter. Tess and Craig marry. They thrive, she as a teacher and he as a Native American farmer, loving her and the land. (Montana)